Olive Oil – Portuguese produce it the best

Olive OilOlive oil, or golden nectar as it’s also known in Portugal, is produced by extracting oil from olives. The olive tree is present throughout the country and there are many farms producing this golden liquid, which is very sought after not only for taste, but also for its numerous health benefits.

Types of Olive Oil

There are mainly three oils (and 3 different processes) you can extract and produce olive oil from olives:  refined oils, virgin oil and pomace oil. Traditionally most retail stores will have the refined or virgin (or extra virgin) olive oils.

Although tastes vary from person to person, there is not refined oil that can match the quality of a cold pressed virgin olive oil. This method retains the original flavour of the fruit, with no added chemicals or artificial products.  Virgin oil is therefore considered to be the best type and usually the one selected for use by consumers or professionals that can appreciate this ingredient.

Olive Oil – Nutrition facts and health benefits

This ancient oil has a number of uses, not only culinary,  making it an extremely important crop. In culinary it is very sought since it has a low acid content, making easier to digest, while still having amazing flavor.

The oil is also very sought after by the cosmetics industry to produce various products such as soaps, since it can be very beneficial to the smoothing and softing of the skin. It is also a powerful agent fighting dry skin particularly during the cold seasons. Besides this olive oil is also extremely beneficial to the heart, due to its high content in monounsaturated fats which decreases the possibility of coronary heart diseases given since it decreasesthe bad cholesterol in blood called Low-density Lipoprotein (LPL). The presence of antioxidants like Vitamin E in olive oils aid in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and the risks of contracting coronary heart diseases. The presence of Vitamin K in olive oil is important as it also is significant during blood clotting.